He Was 14-Years-Old When He Found a Baby in the Woods. But 58 Years Later, Something Incredible Happened

In 1955, when Dave Hickman was only 14-years-old, he discovered an abandoned baby girl in the woods while on a hunting trip with his grandfather. She had nothing but a towel around her, and was nearly frozen.

It was a discovery that would alter his life forever.

If it wasn’t for him, she would have likely died out there all alone. Fortunately, she survived and was later adopted by a wonderful family.

But even after knowing that the baby was safe from harm, Hickman always wondered what had happened to her. So, for the next 58 years, he searched high and low for her, though without any success.

Then, just before giving up completely, he made one final attempt. Hickman contacted his friend, John Catey, who is a retired sheriff, and in no time at all he tracked her down.

In the video above, you’ll see their incredibly emotional reunion.

What a beautiful and heartwarming story.