Daycare Owner Hit with a Shovel in Attempt to Protect Children

It all happened in Helena, Montana. Daycare owner Martha McClure was given strict instructions not to let three children go home with their father who no longer has legal custody of the,. Trying to protect the young toddlers, McClure found herself in a situation that comprised not only the children’s safety, but hers as well.

According to FOX 13, Francis Joseph Jackson the father of the three kids at McClure’s daycare arrived to the school with a woman asking for his children. Refusing to let him have contact as his “parental rights have been suspended,” McClure escorted him off of her property. Able to smell alcohol on Jackson’s breath, she knew to get him far away from the children.

However, it was Jackson’s girlfriend that came out of nowhere and hit the daycare owner in the face with a shovel. The two immediately left the scene. Officials were able to get Jackson into custody, but his girlfriend is still on the loose.

According to Martha McClure’s GoFundMe page, she has undergone surgery on her eye and is on the road to recovery.