Day Care Shut Down After Staff Admits to Drugging Infants to Put Them to Sleep

Some exhausted parents will occasionally make a quip about the many blessings of children’s Benadryl. This little suggestion is obviously a joke, and not meant to be taken as serious child-rearing advice. People with common sense realize that it’s a terrible idea and potentially dangerous to drug a child with medicine—especially without any medical need, or a doctor’s recommendation.

Well, staff at an Oklahoma day care center didn’t seem to think it was wrong or dangerous to drug young children and infants to get them to take their naps. The day care in question, Sue’s Day Care, was first outed when a former employee tipped off the Department of Human Services.

Multiple members of staff admitted to authorities that they used Benadryl, a common antihistamine-filled allergy medication, to drug infants while they were in their care. Drowsiness is a common side-effect of the drug.

The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office told local news outlets that staff claimed they were ordered to do so by the day care’s owner, Beverly Sue Stair.

“It’s a very dangerous and possibly deadly situation,” said investigator Jeff Wilson. “Benadryl is not designed for small children.”

Investigators say that at least seven children were drugged by staff. One parent noticed that her son was coming home exhausted, and would sleep for extended periods of time.

The day care has been shut down, and will remain closed until the investigation has been wrapped up.

It is not yet known what charges may be brought against the day care center.