Dead for a Day: People Struggling with Depression Locked in Coffins to Experience Death

In light of an increasing suicide crisis, South Korea is going to extreme lengths to respond to the rise in depression and stress-related suicides in the country. According to one national statistic, reported by the Daily Mail, 40 people a day kill themselves—and the finger of blame is being pointed at the raising pressures of a competitive society where success and financial gain is the focal point.

One response to the epidemic has been to offer a bizarre ‘death experience school’ where students of varying ages are taught what it’s like to be dead.

The people who participate suffer from depression and are deemed to be potentially suicidal.

As part of the ‘lesson’ on death, the participants are given a lecture about life, and finding joy in hardship. Then they are made to sign fake wills, and are given fake memorial services before they are locked inside a coffin for 10 minutes.

An ‘Angel of Death’ shuts them inside.

During that time they are encouraged to think about their lives in an attempt to cope with their depression.

Apparently, the exercise reduces many participants to tears when they re-emerge. They are told to fight back against the feelings of wanting to die, because they are alive.

Many report feeling liberated because of the exercise.

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