Dead Man Discovered Sitting in Car That Had Been Ticketed Twice

A dead man was found inside of a parked car in Brooklyn, New York. The car was illegally parked, and had been given two parking violation tickets, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

Now people in the Ditmas Park neighborhood are wondering how no one who issued the tickets noticed the deceased man in the vehicle, as authorities scramble to figure out how the man died.

The body was identified as 47-year-old Mamadou Barry, and sources told police that he had been suffering from multiple health complications. It specifics of those problems are unknown, however authorities believe that they may have been linked to his death. Right now, police believe Barry passed from natural causes.

According to reports, the vehicle was first ticketed on June 16. One of the tickets was discovered inside the vehicle with Barry, while the other one was discovered still underneath the windshield wiper.

Witnesses have reported seeing a traffic agent skip Barry’s vehicle earlier on the day he was discovered, while continuing to ticket other vehicles along the street—and it is unknown if they had already noticed Barry in the car at that point.