Dead Man Found with 1200 Guns and a Submersible SUV Believed to Be ‘Part Alien” Government Agent

This is a story we can’t even make up. It gets a little confusing, but here we go…

Last week, Los Angeles police found a dead man inside his car in the Pacific Palisades, a wealthy LA neighborhood. His body had been decomposing for an estimated two weeks, and when the authorities traced the vehicle back to his home, they found quite a stash: more than 1,200 guns, nearly 7 tons of ammunition, bows and arrows, knives, machetes, $230,000 in cash, and a Toyota SUV designed to drive underwater among 14 vehicles registered in his name.

That’s right, a submersible car!

But this collection wasn’t the oddest part of the story. This guy is thought to have been a half-alien who worked for the US government and was sent to protect us.

The man was identified as 60-year-old Jeffrey Alan Lash, who confessed to his fiance Catherine Nebron that he was working as an undercover operative for multiple secret government agencies. Nebran and Dawn VadBunker were with him when he collapsed, but Lash did not want to be taken to a hospital or have anyone call 911 for help. Nebron and VadBunker believed him, so they didn’t notify authorities when Lash died in Nebron’s SUV; they both thought the secret agencies he worked for would come and collect his body.

Nebron left for Oregon with VadBunker, whose family reported her missing two days later. When Nebron returned to Los Angeles, she was surprised to find that no agencies had collected the body. That’s when she decided to call for help — or in this case, her lawyer. He and others believe the two women.

“The story itself sounds totally crazy, but then how do you explain all this?” said defense attorney Harland Braun. “There’s no evidence he was a drug dealer or he stole these weapons, or had any criminal source of income, no stolen property, all the stuff you’d look for.”

“He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world,” said Laura VadBunker, Dawn’s mother.

LAPD Deputy Chief of Detectives Kirk Albanese said he does not believe he was doing anything illegal with the weapons. Likewise, police do not suspect any foul play involved in his death — though they are still investigating the cause.

While Nebron is back in LA, VadBunker confirms that her daughter Dawn has not yet returned from Oregon or called her parents or her children.

Get all the details in the video above.