Dead Snake Continues to Wriggle, the Reason Why Will Make You Lose Your Lunch

This snake was found in the driveway of a South Carolina family. It had met an untimely end, and seems to have been crushed to death in some method.

It’s not such an unusual occurrence, except for the fact that despite clearly being dead it continued to wriggle about, particularly down by the tail.

Post-mortem twitching in and of itself is not totally unexpected—sometimes it can occur when the nerve endings continue to send signals through the spinal cord. This can cause creepy twitches and spasms after death.

That is not the case here, as it was revealed that the squirmy post-mortem activity is caused by maggots wriggling beneath the skin.

The original video’s caption included the following information:

“Found a partially crushed baby copperhead in the driveway today. Went to take a picture of it and discovered it was still moving. After further examination, I found that it was not some postmortem muscle spasm causing the movement, but rather the fact that it was full of maggots. No idea how long it was there.”