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WATCH: 6 Months After Daughter Dies, Family Receives iPhone with Powerful Photos

Emily Clark, 22, died in 2015 in a horrific car crash and her family had no idea where her phone went. They all knew that Clark was an avid photo and selfie taker. The family wanted nothing more than to have the dead girl’s cell phone back.

Emily’s sister Haily wouldn’t give up the fight to find the phone. She visited the crash site and even had a dream about it being discovered near Emily’s grave.

As revealed in the video report below, her dead sister’s cell phone was indeed found — by the police. Six months after the horrific crash, the phone was given to Emily’s family. It happened to be the greatest gift they could have been given.

You can’t help but be amazed and touched by this story.

Clark died in a horrific crash on I-16, just outside of Savannah. She was one of five nursing students killed in a multi-vehicle crash shortly before 6 a.m.

Like most other girls in their 20s, Emily liked to take pictures with her cell phone. Once found, her phone contained pictures of her family, friends, boyfriend, and the fun times they had together.

Click here for a news report and more info on the story.

Dead Woman Cell Phone Found

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