This Serene Crater Lake Looks Inviting, But It Hides a Deadly Secret

Maly Semiachik volcano

Maly Semiachik is an active volcano in Siberia, Russia that first erupted about 400 years ago.

In the process, it produced a crater that is hot, mineral rich and extremely acidic. The origin of the word “Semyachik” can be translated to “stone land” or “mountain land” — which definitely describes the landscape.

While the lake appears quite inviting to jump into, there is a reason you’d never want to even put a finger in the beautiful turquoise water. The lake was discovered by V.D. Troitsky in 1946. At one point in their studies of the lake, scientists decided to examine it in a rubber boat. The crew could hardly get back to the shore, as the aluminum blades on their oars dissolved. Also, they were forced to wear masks in order to reach the center of the lake, as its fumes were deadly.

Maly Semiachik

Currently, Maly Semyachik is the only active volcano in the Eastern range of Kamchatka. Its latest eruption was in 1904, when large forest were obliterated.

There are some fascinating legends that surround the volcano. Kamchadals (the locals in the area) believe that volcanos are the dwelling place of the dead. They have suggested that when the dead heat their yurts, smoke can be seen rising from the mountain top. In order to feed themselves, the dead hunt whales in an “underground sea.” The blubber is then used to create lightening.

The Kamchadals have also linked the amount of smoke created by the volcano as a sign that bloodshed/war is going to occur. The more active the volcano, the more dangerous times will become. Because of their beliefs, they avoid ascending the mountain.

If you want to visit this spot, walking trips are regularly organized, and you can also enjoy helicopter excursions. The following video will give you a beautiful overview of the crater.