Man Survives Battle with Deadly Snake, Thanks to Stormtrooper Armor

Stormtrooper armor might not be very useful against a well-placed laser shot, but it certainly helps protect from snakes.

An Australian man who is currently walking around the country in a Stormtrooper costume survived a near-fatal encounter with a deadly brown snake thanks to his plastic armor.

Scott Loxley was on the day 277 of a 9,320 mile (15,000 km) journey when he stumbled upon an unfriendly King Brown snake outside the town of Yalboroo in Queensland.

Australia’s 9 News reports:

Initially thinking the snake was dead, Mr Loxley went to walk past it when it began to move.

“Turns out it wasn’t dead”, he said in a video on his Facebook page. “It was a big old King Brown. And he’s lunged at me and bit me in the shin”.

The only thing standing between Loxley and the deadly snake bite was his Stormtrooper armor.

“I could feel the teeth on the plastic, scraping, but the armour actually stopped something,” he said, going on to defend the expendable, faceless lackies that are the Stormtroopers. “So all those people that rag on the old Stormtroopers, you know, ‘the armour doesn’t do this it, doesn’t do that’, it stopped a snake bite and probably saved my life today.”

Loxley has already raised $40,000 for the Monash Children’s Hospital on his walk across Australia.