Decomposition of a Baby Pig Is One of the Most Disgusting Things You’ll Ever See

When an animal dies, flies are typically the first to arrive on the scene. That’s because the adults are always looking for a place to lay their eggs. and dead bodies are the perfect spot. Why? It’s the only place maggots can develop.

It isn’t really known precisely how long it takes for specific animals to decay, however, small animals such as a rat or pig take only a few days to decompose, while a human body may take at least three months.

The video above is a time lapse of a baby pig decomposing. It was taken back in 1962 by Dr. Jerry Payne to study forensic entomology.

You may find yourself asking, “Why the hell am I even watching this?” And yet, you’ll continue watching until the end to see what happens. That’s curiosity for ya!

The technique of time-lapse photography is employed to illustrate the rapid removal of carrion (4 days reduced to approximately 6 minutes). The film demonstrates the sequence of tissue destruction and the role of insects in the ultimate dismemberment of the pig carcass and soil movement. The pink and purple beads were added to show the intense activities of the insects in moving the carcass and soil.

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