Deformed Legged Kangaroo Kitty Will Steal Your Heart

Skippy, the 3-month-old kitten in Wellington, New Zealand is a little different from most other cats.

He was born without radius bones in his front legs, which means he can hop up and walk on his legs like a kangaroo, and it feels completely normal. In fact he’s just as comfortable walking on all four legs as he is on only his hind legs. The adorable kangaroo kitty isn’t the first one born with this condition, but Nicholas Taylor, the animal care and adoptions manager at Wellington SPCA, says Skippy is the first one of its type he has personally seen.

Taylor assures the condition causes no pain to the kittens that have it. “We’re very confident that he’s all good, that it’s just more of a visual thing for us,” he said. The only possible repercussion of the condition is that it predisposes Skippy to have arthritis when he gets older.

Skippy went through a number of homes before he ended up at Wellington SPCA, where he is awaiting the perfect family and home to adopt him.