He Was Thrown Away For Being ‘Ugly’, But She Came To His Rescue…

Though puppies are usually the first to get adopted from animal shelters, things can be very different if they have some kind of ‘flaw’ that makes them appear anything less than perfect. This was the case for a little pit bull in North Carolina, who nearly lost his life before a kind-hearted rescuer came to save him.


This poor little guy was abandoned outside of a shelter in North Carolina — he was the only one of his siblings to be left there, just because he wasn’t perfect. Now his life was at risk – the shelter he was left at was a high-kill one.


The pit bull pup was born blind in his left eye and with a deformed right ear, but was still full of character even after his ordeal. So why did nobody want to take him home?



Just as things were beginning to look hopeless for the eight-week-old dog, animal-lover and Cause for Paws worker┬áNicole Horabik came across a photo of him online and couldn’t bear the thought of him being put down.

She decided to rescue the adorable puppy, who she named Captain Morgan, or “Cap”. Now he has settled in with her at home and he never has to worry about being abandoned again.


He even has new pals to hang out with!


She uploaded this photo to Facebook to show everyone that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, who needs to be perfect when you’re this cute?


All images courtesy Nicole Horabik