Dennis Rodman Invites Seth Rogen to Visit North Korea

The FBI may think North Korea hacked into Sony Pictures’ systems last month, but don’t worry, Dennis Rodman is pretty sure it wasn’t them. The ex-basketball player, also one of few Americans to visit the isolated nation, voiced his opinions on the hacks and the satire surrounding The Interview, the Seth Rogen-James Franco film that sparked the hacks, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“If the North wanted to hack anything in the world, anything in the world, really, they are going to go hack a movie? Really?” Rodman said, dismissing the evidence obtained via an extensive law enforcement investigation.

“How many movies have there been attacking North Korea?” he said. “And they never hacked those. North Korea is going to hack a comedy, a movie that is really nothing? I can’t see that happening. Of all the companies… really? Over a movie?”

Speaking about Seth Rogen, he said:

I would have liked to have said to [Rogen], ‘Let’s go to North Korea and actually see it. See what’s really going on. Then make your movie. I would still [take Rogen] now. I would ask Seth and all those involved in the movie to go to North Korea with me. And then do an interview with me about the movie.

Rodman also used the interview to promote the upcoming premiere of the documentary Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang, detailing the former NBA champion’s efforts to organize a basketball game in North Korea for leader Kim Jong-Un’s 31st birthday.

The film premiered yesterday at the SlamDance film festival. A short clip from the film is available to watch below, showing Rodman breaking down in tears as he defends his decision to ally himself with the North Korean regime.

Read more on Rodman’s thoughts at The Hollywood Reporter, or on his history defending North Korea on the Washington Post.