Step Inside This Japanese Deserted Strip Club

For whatever reason, people are fascinated by abandoned places. Whether it be a creepy abandoned amusement park, mall, cyanide mill, mental asylum, or an underwater strip club, there is an undeniable appeal to this forgotten places.

In the photos above, captured by Australian photographer Shane Thoms, you’ll get the opportunity to explore a deserted, decaying strip club in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture.

Thoms explains his impression of the ruins on his blog:

Full of retro treasures, hanging out in this psychadelic time capsule was like stepping into the aftermath of a 70’s new years eve party (that never got cleaned up).

We can’t help but wonder what kind of parties took place at this countryside gem, which was actually called a “Sightseeing Theater.” What kind of people once walked through its doors to embrace exotic entertainment and what ultimately led its strippers to hang up their g-strings?

Did it serve up a nice juicy steak and gin martinis to eager customers?

We tried digging up some history about this place, but we couldn’t find much.

Check out the video below for a walk through of the deserted strip club.

You Have to See This Abandoned Underwater Strip Club to Believe It!

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