Design Alert: How to Transfer Photos onto Wood

One of the easiest ways to create a cool look in your home is by surrounding yourself with photos of the people you love or places you’ve visited. We’ve taken a twist on traditional framing by showing you how to transfer photos onto wood.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do and how different photos look when plastered onto a wood backing.

Transfer Photos onto Wood – What You’ll Need:

  • Piece of wood
  • Image printed in reverse; you can do this at home from a laser printer, but to get best results you may need to pay for the printing at a photo store or copy store.
  • Gel medium; we’ve used Liquitex Professional Matte Gel and Art Advantage Acrylic Matte Gel and liked how they work.
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • Rag
  • Clear Sealer; Krylon and Mod Podge are good companies and reasonably priced.

How to Do It:

This is a really simple process, but read through the directions first and have a solid idea of what you’re doing beforehand. That will help prevent any mistakes.

1. Cover wood with the gel medium.

2. Place paper with picture on it onto the gel medium-covered surface, image side down.

3. Firmly smooth out any bubbles, but be careful not to tear the image.

4. Let it dry overnight. Seriously. Leave it alone. You don’t want to damage it due to curiosity.

5. Wet the surface and gently rub the wet paper off.

7. Clean all residue of paper off.

8. Cover with the clear sealer.

9. Let it dry.

10. Done!