Desperate Teenagers Are Now Smoking Coffee to Get High

We’ve all heard of people smoking a few cigarettes while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, but actually smoking the coffee? Now, that’s unheard of.

Apparently, this trend is becoming more popular among teens in America.

Doctors told WCCB-TV that, while it’s not actually a new trend, there has been a recent increase in adolescents abusing the substance.

When ingested through smoking, coffee is extremely dangerous — far more dangerous than drinking mass quantities of it. Smoking the java has been known to cause dizziness, vomiting, trouble breathing, hallucinations and even caffeine overdoses.

Considering the crazy trends teenagers seem to follow these days, it’s not surprising that they are now heavily toking on coffee.

ABC affiliate KTNV in Las Vegas claims teenagers are learning how to smoke (or “vape”) the coffee out of glass cylinders or cigarette paper from various websites on the Internet.

smoking coffee

If you were to ever come across someone smoking this stuff, you would probably think they were taking a few hits of crack cocaine.