Destination: The Wildest Island in Greece

If Ios, Greece isn’t on your list of future travels, it should be.

Greece speaks a language all its own.

Breakfast is at lunch, lunch at dinner and everything else follows accordingly.

Doused in hedonistic adventures, this destination is about as uncomplicated as it gets. In every direction, the tranquil blue ocean stretches as far as the eye can see and the hub of this city is wrapped into a labyrinth of beautiful women, bridges, balconies and endless rows of bars that spill out onto the cobblestone streets.

This getaway–with its Aegean architectural magnificence, countless pristine beaches, historic sites and energetic night life–is a prime year-around playground for anyone who has been searching for a place that exceeds expectations.

No other island is quite like the beautiful Ios, which is located between Naxos and Santorini. Most tourists visiting the island choose accomodations either in the old town of Chora or near the shores of Yialos and Mylopotas.

The spirit of this place attracts people from around the world, especially the young ones in search of a very unique party experience.

Considered as the “queen of young tourists,” this city lives up to its name. The famous and vivid nightlife seems to come alive once midnight strikes or rather early in the morning. It doesn’t really matter what kind of scene you usually prefer. Everything here blends perfectly together. There is high energy teeming in every bar and club, particularly at hot spots like the Slammer Bar. This place specializes in tequila slammers, which includes someone getting knocked over the head with a baseball bat after shooting back a shot. Don’t worry, they are donning a batting helmet.

Ios, Greece is the number one party island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It has been said that Ios was discovered by hippies back in the 1960’s. Perhaps this is the reason why it is such a laid back island.

For many people that visit the Greek islands, partying and letting loose is a way of life. And although you won’t find any window brothels in the city, it is still known as an escape for those who want to be a little naughty. Random people may even walk up to you and inform you that you are “theirs” for the remainder of your stay.

As long as you’re willing to try new things, Ios offers an array of delights.

When the sun is out, the island tends to be somewhat of a sleepy community, with everyone still recovering from the night before. So, if you’re interested in spending some time on┬áthe lovely beaches to snorkel or go diving, it’s best that you hit the sand before high noon. After that, all the “clubbers” will slowly be emerging from their hideouts and making their way to Koubaras Beach, where many of them go skinny dipping. Or if you happen to be the type that doesn’t prefer a large crowd, you can always rent a moped and trek around to find your own personal haven.

Once dragging yourself away from the crashing waves and the bar stools, take a trip to the ┬ácenter of the island. Here you’ll discover the rural villages and towns tucked away in the hillsides. Many times, Greek families will welcome you into their homes and offer you food and drink.

What’s not to love about a destination that can offer immaculate beaches, a great nightlife, a friendly atmosphere and delicious food? Regardless of whether you’re looking for the best party island in Greece or the most serene blue island in the Mediterranean, Ios is wonderful all year long.