Devastated Woman Steals Newborn After Suffering a Miscarriage

The pain of suffering from a miscarriage is heart breaking and life shattering. For one Chinese woman, the loss of her child pushed her to disguise herself as a nurse and steal another mother’s baby.

Zhao Juan’s miscarriage occurred about three months into her pregnancy due to personal negligence. Rather than admitting this fact, she continued to fake the rest of her pregnancy all the way to the “birth.” She decided to do this because she was not willing to give up all of the extra love and attention she was given when she was pregnant.

As her due date approached, she made a plan to fake childbirth and deceive her family. She went to Hongze Chinese Hospital of Herbal Medicine and put on a nurse’s uniform before entering the maternity ward and taking a newborn son born to another woman.

Zhao put the newborn in a large white tote bag and carried him out of the hospital. Nobody caught her at the time and she went straight home.

Once home, she told her family about her childbirth and called an ambulance to make the illusion seem more realistic. An ambulance came and ended up taking her to the same exact hospital she had just stolen a baby from.

In the meantime, the mother of the stolen baby had already realized her baby was no longer there. A full-blown investigation was already underway at the hospital.

Security surveillance video was discovered of Zhao entering the hospital with her own clothes on, but leaving in scrubs and a lumpy bag.

Police were investigating the case when Zhao arrived to the hospital. When it was discovered that she had no signs of recent childbirth, authorities brought the facts together. Her actions ended up speeding up the process and she was arrested.


A paternity test confirmed the stolen baby belongs to the rightful parents. Also, Zhao confessed to her actions. The case is still under further investigation.