Teen Obsessed with ‘Dexter’ Jailed for 25 Years After Killing and Hacking Up Girlfriend

Today, Steven Miles, a teenager obsessed with the television series Dexter, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering his 17-year-old girlfriend and hacking up her body.

The murder took place on January 24 in Miles’ bedroom in Oxted, Surrey.

Before dismembering Elizabeth Thomas’ legs and an arm with tools from his father’s tree cutting business, Miles stabbed her in the head and back. He then proceeded to wrap her remains in plastic wrap, a material the lead character in Dexter always used after snuffing someone.

Miles was known as a teenager who absorbed himself in horror films, someone who loved seeing blood and guts on the big screen.


Apparently, Miles, who was previously diagnosed with autism, had told his family that his alter ego named Ed instructed him to kill someone. When his sister came home after the murder, he said, “Ed made me do something bad.”

“This is a case of the utmost gravity, the horrific features of which are rarely heard in any court,” Judge Christopher Critchlow explained to Miles. “Nothing this court can say or do, no sentence this court can impose can alleviate the pain suffered by Elizabeth Thomas’ family for death in such a terrible manner. There must be a life sentence.”

The details of the crime were so gruesome that the judge was forced to make a disclaimer at the beginning of the trial at Guildford Crown Court so that anyone with a weak stomach or anxiety should probably leave.

“[The details] are extremely unpleasant and may cause considerable distress to anyone listening,” he stated.

Distinguished psychologists were present and all agreed the defendant showed no signs of schizophrenia and therefore could not plead insanity for the slaying of his girlfriend. Due to the fact the Miles is by law still a minor, the judge had no choice but to sentence him to 25 years behind bars, despite Thomas’ murder being predetermined. If he was an adult, he would have been given a life sentence.

When Miles’ heard the verdict, he showed no signs of emotion or remorse for his actions.

Images: The Mirror