How to Turn Your Dead Relatives’ Ashes Into Diamond Rings

diamonds out of ashes

If you’re not sure what to do with a loved one’s remains after they’ve died, we’re nearly certain you probably haven’t considered the following.

Thanks to the Swiss company, you have the power to take the cremated human remains of your mother, father, grandmother, spouse, or friend and have them made into a diamond.

Yes, each and every time you look down at your hand, you will be comforted by the thought that you’re wearing your loved one.

Here’s how it works:

ashes into diamonds

Algordanza uses the above machinery to utilize two percent of the carbon remaining in cremations to make a ring. The fascinating thing is that 18 percent of the body is carbon, which is exactly what is used to create diamonds.

Ashes To Diamonds

The costs average about $4,500 as compared to the average cost of normal burial — which is estimated at more than $7,000.

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