Al Roker Bitchslaps Matt Lauer on The Today Show

In case you don’t follow morning talk shows, here’s what went down over the last couple weeks on The Today Show, culminating with the ever-friendly Al Roker taking a pretty incredible dig at producers and (presumably) host Matt Lauer yesterday.

As you may recall, The Today Show‘s ratings have been dropping over the past few months, never seeing the same heights as when Katie Couric and Matt Lauer were hosts. When it was revealed that host Ann Curry was leaving the show, rumors started swirling that Lauer was behind it, blaming her for the ratings slump. Indeed, gossip site posted that an insider on The Today Show set said that Lauer “is 100% behind Ann leaving.”

Ann must have been fully aware of that fact too because we heard the two were so “icy” toward each other that “when the cameras stopped rolling, Ann wouldn’t even look at Matt.”

Now the source confirming Lauer’s desire to get rid of Curry is saying that “she refused to speak to him all week.”

Curry was replaced by Savannah Guthrie, just in time for the show’s Olympics coverage. While no one from Today  is officially backing up this story, plenty of awkward on-air moments seem to confirm that something definitely went on behind the scenes. Then on yesterday’s broadcast, Al Roker made a bitchy joke that implies he’s not a fan of what happened to Curry, either.

Roker, Lauer, Guthrie and Tamron Hall were wrapping up an interview with members of the U.S. women’s rowing team. The team explained that their tradition when winning was to throw their coxswain into the water. From that, Lauer said how the tradition in New York is to throw her into the Hudson River.

From that Roker said, “Which is different than our tradition, which is you throw one of us under the bus, but that’s another story.”

Lauer and Guthrie then playfully scolded Roker, but we’re betting there was some kind of scolding after the cameras went off.

In other news, Lauer wasn’t on this morning’s broadcast.

Check out the clip, below.