Did Arguments with a Messianic Jewish Co-Worker Inspire San Bernardino Shooter to Attack Earlier Than Planned?

A friend of Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew who was killed in the San Bernardino rampage, says that Sayed Farook and Thalasinos had a heated discussion with him about Islam just two weeks before the attack.

The FBI has been very clear that the discussion may or may not have been the leading factor in the attack.

Kuuleme Stephens has told the associated press that she called Thalasinos one day at work while Farook was in the room with him. Thalasinos told her that Farook was in the room and that they were in a debate over Islam. He further explained to Stephens that Farook believed Islam was a peaceful religion. Thalasinos did not agree.

Farook then explained that Americans don’t understand Islam.

Then on December 1, 2015, Thalasinos shared a strange Facebook post with his friends. It was from a Ukrainian who posted as “Med Ali Zarouk” who wrote the following:

nicholas-thalasinos facebook taunt

It appeared that Thalasinos shared the post with friends to reveal how ridiculous he though the comment was.

According to Stephens, both Farook and Thalasinos worked as county restaurant inspectors and regularly discussed both politics and religion. Additionally, Thalasinos’ wife Jennifer told The New York Times that her husband had told her about Farook, but didn’t say anything negative about him.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that the two men were arguing at the Christmas party prior to the shooting, but some speculate that a disagreement may be the case.

Family members and friends of Thalasinos are adamant that the world know that Thalasinos was not the cause of the shooting. The following Facebook post is an example.

farook and thal -- facebook friend post

Regardless of whether or not their discussions inspired Farook to take action at his workplace, it appears there was a greater and possibly more deadly plan in the works.

If Farook did lose his cool and decided to act rashly at the center, it appears that his actions there may have saved more lives in the long run. However, one can’t discount the fact that the couple had dropped their toddler off at Farook’s mother’s home. They then lied to his mother about having a doctor’s appointment.

The FBI has also revealed that Farook began deleting data on his electronic devices days before the shooting. These facts definitely point to a pre-planned attack.