Did Russian Scientists Just Find a Dead Alien?

A strange, unidentifiable creature was recently found nearby to a Russian river, and now scientists are left scratching their heads.

The twisted creature looks shriveled and dried, but even in that state it looks like nothing that belongs to this Earth. It has an oblong skull and what looks like a sharply curved and perhaps underdeveloped spine.

Russian Alien Chicken

It seems to have only one developed limb, which extends down into a crumpled talon-fist.

The ‘alien corpse,’ as it is being dubbed in media reports, was discovered by the Kovashi river near the town of Sosnovy Bor. The town was first built in the 1950s near the Leningrad nuclear power plant. Because of this history, some skeptics believe the discovery is that of a mutated chicken embryo.

Alien hunters are sure that the body comes from another world of some kind.

Apparently scientists are waiting on the results of several tests—including DNA—before making a determination on this creature’s origins.

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