Did This Couple’s Baby Cam Capture a Ghost or an Angel Floating Over Their Little Girl?

Jonathan Murphy, a 32-year old father, from Consett, County Durham, freaked out when he saw a strange white blur floating above his eight-week-old daughter’s cot. He noticed the ‘ghost’ on their baby monitor and when he went to check on baby Rosie he asked his partner Victoria Snowdon to film the monitor recording to see if it showed up again.

Victoria, 22, confirmed that she too saw a light floating above her daughter. In the video above you can see Murphy tending to the baby while the blur is seen in front of his forearm.

Victoria soon shared the video on her Facebook account to get some answers — any answers:

“Jonathan was watching the baby monitor and claimed he seen a ghost….So he went up to check on her…What on earth is this white blur?! Wish I’d got my camera on quicker cos it was there before he even went in the room so it couldn’t have been a reflection or anything! I’ve never believed in ghosts or anything… Just have no idea what it could be! Bit creeped out!'”

According to Murphy:  “Victoria was reluctant to let me take the baby back upstairs again. She was even more worried by it than me.”

When Murphy returned upstairs after watching the video recording, he saw that the baby cam ‘ghost’ was still there despite there being no light source to create an illusion.

Some people are saying the apparition looks like a menacing ghost’s hand, others say it’s an angel. We want to hear what you make of the white light in the video so tell us below.