Woman Dines and Dashes, Says Her ‘Husband,’ Jesus Christ, Will Pay the Bill

Kristi Rhines spent four hours dining at the El Chico Mexican restaurant in Lawton, Oklahoma. She ordered food and alcoholic beverages during her visit and, by the time she was ready to leave, racked up a tab of $56.55. The big problem—she wasn’t good for it, KSWO reported.

She was presented with the tab, but police say Rhines told staff she couldn’t pay for the food and drinks. She reportedly told managers her husband would come get her and pay the bill. When questioned further, she said she was married to Jesus Christ. She claimed they were legally married, but had no marriage license.

Police were called, and when they arrived on the scene they confirmed she could not pay for her meal. She had no means or money on hand. Nor did she seem to have anyone coming to pick her up. She was subsequently arrested and booked on charges of fraud .

Captain Craig Akard of the Lawton Police Department told the Daily News that when officers arrived on the scene, Rhines did not seem to be intoxicated or belligerent as she spoke with authorities. She insisted that her husband would pick up the bill, but no one arrived.