Dirds: the Latest Internet Sensation

It seems like weird Internet trends have become more frequent every single day. And the latest to hit the information super highway? Dirds.

No, it’s not related to “turds” — check the spelling — this is where people put pictures of dog heads onto pictures of birds. And when we see them, we’re left wondering what the hell these crazy kids (and adults) on the internet will come up with next.

The thing about dirds is that they basically look real. Where you’d expect these strange manipulated images that combine dogs and birds to look totally bogus, they actually offer uncanny natural looking results. From a sparrow body combined with a pug’s face to an eagle-Labrador hybrid, these cross-breeds just keep getting more and more intricate. And (we’ll admit it) interesting to look at. Which is why we produced a whole slide show about them

We don’t even know what to say about this latest craze. Will it take off or crash and burn like so many others that have come before? Who can say? Check them out above and let us know what you think.

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