UPDATE: Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide but May NOT Have Had Brain Cancer

Hollywood director Tony Scott, age 68, passed away yesterday after an apparent suicide. ABC News stated on today’s Good Morning America that Scott had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, and the assumption was that this led to his suicide. The news was quickly picked up by other outlets, including First to Know, and widely distributed.

Now Deadline.com reports that this information was not accurate. “Tony Scott’s widow Donna has told police that the famed filmmaker/TV producer did not have brain cancer,  informed insiders tell Deadline.” The site goes on to report that around 6:30PM, a half-hour after Deadline corrected the ABC morning report, ABC News released a new headline– “Tony Scott Brain Cancer Report Appears in Doubt”– as well as text that pulled the news agency away from its previous claims.

“The family of director Tony Scott, who died Sunday after jumping off a Los Angeles bridge, was not aware Scott had cancer, Los Angeles County Coroner Ed Winter told ABC News station KABC in Los Angeles. ABC News was unable to reach Scott’s family to confirm the coroner’s statement. ABC News had reported the director of films such as Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and Crimson Tide had inoperable brain cancer, citing a source close to Scott.”

Scott, known for movie hits Beverly Hills Cop II, Top Gun, and Days of Thunder, was seen jumping off the Los Angeles County bridge yesterday by numerous passing motorists.

Scott’s personal spokesman, Simon Halls revealed in a public statement, “I can confirm that Tony Scott has passed away. The family asks that their privacy is respected at this time.”

Scott’s body was pulled from the water from a dive team with the LA Port Police. A note listing his personal contact information was found in his car, which was parked on the bridge. A suicide note was later found at his office.

Scott enjoyed rock climbing and driving fast cars and motorcycles. Filmmaking was his greatest thrill.

Scott also had a brother, Ridley Scott, who directed his own famous films. The two brothers were also business partners and ran Scott Free Productions which produced the CBS dramas NUMB3RS and The Good Wife. They were working on a joint film together.

Fellow Hollywood directors remembered one of their own yesterday, with director Ron Howard tweeting, “No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day.”

Director Jon Favreau tweeted, “Such sad news about Tony Scott. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.”

Tony Scott is survived by his wife and two sons.

Photo: guardian.co.uk