23 Hilariously Dirty Sounding City Names

Did you know there is a place in Oklahoma called Hooker? Or a California city named Fort Dick? What about Condom, France?  There are a lot of dirty sounding city names, some created before those specific words had sexual connotations to them, and others that seem funny due to differences in language.

You know, like how the American family film called Free Willy — which was about a boy and a whale — was considered a hilarious name in the United Kingdom because a “willy” is a guy’s… well… ding dong.

Sure, this list could be viewed as simplistic youthful humor, loaded with low-brow laughs. But sometimes we need those kinds of jokes to get us through the day. And to spice up dinner parties. So the next time you need a funny conversation piece, bring up these as well as the following list of hilarious city names from around the world. You’ll have everyone giggling and snickering like they’re back in junior high in no time.