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4 Fun, Silly, and Dirty Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for You!

Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school, when you’d excitedly decorate a paper bag “mail box,” drink punch and snack on cookies while walking around the room putting hand-decorated cards into classmates’ sacks? Where is THAT kind of fun these days?
Look, just because you’re an adult now with adult responsibilities, we here at FTK think that’s no reason you can’t feel that same kind of silly fun on Valentine’s Day. But since store bought cards can be expensive, and there’s an unspoken pressure to find the “perfect” one, and because the ones you find in stores are usually a little too saccharine sweet for our liking, we thought we’d create four fun old-school style Valentine’s Day cards. These aren’t all dirty printable Valentine’s Day cards. Don’t worry — we know some of you don’t roll like that. So we created a corny one (literally), a sweet one, and two slightly sexier versions that you can send to friends.
For you. Because we heart you like that.
Oh, and did we mention that they’re free and you can print them out and send them to everyone you know and love? It’s true.

How It Works

1. Download the high-resolution PDF to your desktop. (There’s a link under each image below.) Open the image.
2. In Adobe Acrobat, you can click on the “To” and “From” lines and type in the appropriate names. Or you can use your favorite program to enter the info.
3. Email the card off to your Valentine.
You can also print out the image, cut along the dotted line, and give a hard copy to your sweetie instead.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Designs by

Download the “popcorn girl” PDF version.

Download the “naughty librarian” PDF.

Download the “cute boy” PDF.

Download the “dirty cowboy” PDF.

Check back between now and Valentine’s Day for more fun holiday cards and treats!

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