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Sweethearts Candy Messages We Wish Were Real

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Sweethearts candies! The candy heart-shaped sayings have been charming loved ones and helping them proclaim love for the past 147 years. Daniel Chase created the first hearts in 1866 by devising a machine that would press food dye letters onto the candy. Today, Sweethearts sayings have reflected how our country and culture has changed. They have created them in Spanish, added new flavors, and new sayings that relate to modern day.

From mid-February to January they produce about 100,000 pounds each day, according to NECCO, maker of these sweet treats. That’s more than enough for everyone in the world to have one!

Growing up, we all remember getting those heart-shaped candies and the joy it brought us, especially when receiving them from a crush or loved one and reading “Kiss Me” or “Be Mine.”

However, now that we’re all grown up, those bright, chalky-colored heart-shaped candies don’t really have much meaning at all. Well, besides how good some of them taste. As a matter of fact, we think they’ve become boring.

So we decided to create our very own goofy, somewhat romantic, and kind of dirty valentines sayings that you can read and get a kick out of. Sure, there are a lot of dirty Valentines Day jokes out there, but these are more fun — the kind you can show to your mom. Check out our slideshow above.

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