Disabled Brothers Asked to Leave Bowling Club Because Other Players Feel ‘Uncomfortable’

A woman is furious after being told her two disabled brothers couldn’t join a bowling club because they made other players feel “uncomfortable,” reports the Mirror.

Emma Kemp had encouraged her two brothers with Down’s syndrome to join a bowling club. After not being able to find a group for disabled people, she called the Elloughton Short Mat Bowling Club, and asked if they could come with a carer, and was told it wouldn’t be a problem.

The brothers, Mark and Dewi Kemp, went to a taster bowling session and loved it. They were looking forward to going back, according to Emma, and even bought new bowling shoes and paid the small club fee.

However, when they went back their care-taker was pulled aside and told the two were no longer welcome to join because they allegedly made a couple of the 12 members uncomfortable enough to the point that they threatened to leave if the boys joined.

“I am disgusted” says Emma about the incident. “This kind of discrimination is totally unacceptable. I think these individuals need re-educating.”

She’s especially upset because she doesn’t feel like the brothers were given a fair chance to show to the bowling members who they are as people.

“My brothers shouldn’t have just been told to leave, without the members first getting to know them as people” she explained, adding “If the members didn’t like them as people and chose not to play with them, that is different, but a decision like that can’t just be made based on their disability.”

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of this is Emma can’t tell the brothers the real reason they can’t play because she’s afraid it will upset them.

“Obviously both boys are quite miffed about the situation but they don’t understand the full extent of why they can’t play” she said, also telling reporters, “I had to be tactful. They knew there had been a problem and they couldn’t bowl but I said there wasn’t the room for them.”

Since the fallout, the club has reached out to Emma and told her Mark and Dewi were welcome to join but she turned down the offer.