Disabled Woman on Oxygen Tank Beats Intruder with Wooden Backscratcher

Beware, the backscratcher.

When an intruder broke into the house of a disabled Indiana woman and tried to rob her, he probably didn’t expect to be chased out with a wooden backscratcher and wrench.

That is, however, precisely what happened.

Patty Kearney and her husband were watching TV when they heard someone break through the glass in their back door. It was an intruder who demanded the couple give up any guns they had. Instead of getting intimidated however, Patty asked if he himself had any weapons. When he came up clean, she explains “I don’t know what happened. I snapped.”

That’s when she grabbed the backscratcher and started hitting the intruder, following up with a wrench.

“I bammed all the way” she said, explaining the beat down.

After getting a good few smacks, the man ran and made his escape out of the house.

“I don’t think he expected an overweight woman on oxygen, to attack him,” Kearney told reporters.

This reminds of us of a recent story about a 79-year-old war vet who defended himself and fought off an armed robber at a gas station. We love tough people like these two!

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