Woman Complains of Stomach Pains, Discovers She’s Pregnant With Super Rare Twins

An Iowa woman got a huge surprise when she sought medical attention with complaints of stomach pains and found out she was pregnant with twins! Shelby Magnani and her fiancé James Croskey had no idea that she was six months along with twins, WHOTV reported.

Doctors said that these two babies are even rarer because they are monoamniotic twins—which means they shared a placenta and one amniotic sac. Magnani was told to go to the ER immediately. The surprise babies—Ava and Anna– were delivered via C-section and weighed four pounds and three pounds each.

Only about one to two percent of all pregnancies result in twins, but out of the tiny percentage of twins only about one or two percent of those pregnancies are monoamniotic.

Dr. Jennifer Krupp of the Perinatal Center of Iowa said that monoamniotic twins pose many challenges during pregnancy and delivery. Cords can become entangled, and it is recommended for such pregnancies to be monitored several times a day in the third trimester. Krupp described the risk of one or both of monoamniotic babies dying as significant, with only a fifty percent survival rate.

Magnani described her children as miracles, because despite the high risk odds for the babies—and not even knowing about the pregnancy—both are doing very well. Although they are still in the NICU, they are expected to be released home in a couple of weeks.