Disgruntled Author Drives 500 Miles to Assault Teen Who Left a Bad Book Review

A self-published writer took a bad review too far, after a teen posted negative feedback about his book The World Rose on Goodreads. Richard Brittain tracked down the 19-year-old girl who wrote the review, drove 500 miles and bashed her head with a wine bottle, according to reports.

He drove from his home near London to the grocery store where the Scottish teen worked.

The girl, Paige Rolland was knocked unconscious for a moment and said that she began to bleed from the impact of the bottle.

“Had he hit me any harder, I could have died,” she said.

Although the review has since been removed, a user allegedly re-posted it to the Amazon page for the book.

The full review a lengthy read—go here to see the full thing—but an excerpt of her commentary says:

“As a reader, I’m bored out of my skull and severely disappointed in what I might have paid for. As a writer (albeit an amateur one) I’m appalled that anyone would think this was worthy of money.”

Brittain, who is from the U.K., couldn’t let go of her brutally honest opinion. He somehow managed to find the grocery store where Rolland worked.

He reportedly didn’t even say anything to her before hitting her in the back of the head with a wine bottle. In fact it wasn’t until she saw surveillance video of the attack that she even knew who had attacked her.

Authorities were able to use the footage to identify and find Brittain, who has plead not guilty and is awaiting sentencing.