Revolting Discovery: Woman Finds Severed Rat Head in Frozen Spinach Bag

You’ll probably never look at spinach the same after reading this horrifying story of a woman who discovered a severed rat head in a bag of frozen spinach.

The UK-based woman made the gruesome discovery while defrosting the leafy plant in a steamer for her mother’s dinner back in January.

“I was poking around with it because I didn’t know what it was. I was gobsmacked when I realized what it was – it was horrible!” Terri Powis told the Telegraph. “It was very fresh and really pink. It was a bit squashed but intact and must have been frozen soon after being severed.”

The 33-year-old filed a complaint with the grocery store where she bought the frozen bagged spinach, and has since received an apology.

“We’d like to apologise for any upset caused to Ms Powis, and we will work closely with the local authorities whilst they conduct their investigation” said a spokesperson for the supermarket.