8 Disgusting Parasites That Can’t Survive Unless They Suck Your Blood

Did you know that there are as many creatures living on your body right now as there are people on the Earth?

Go ahead, get itchy and grossed out, but it’s true. They live on your skin, in your mouth, in your nose, and in particular your digestive tract. Humans are a favorite cuisine for countless parasites.

Ugh. We seriously can’t help but get the heebie-jeebies while imagining all the bugs eating our dead skin cells and crawling around on our eyelids right now. Isn’t it horrible how your mind makes you think that there are things crawling on you when there really isn’t? Eeek.

In artist Marcus Desieno‘s recent series called Parasites, he takes a closer look at the disgusting creatures that live by sucking your blood.

These photographs may looks like they are taken of monsters from another planet, but they are probably infesting your bed and your face as we speak.

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