Disgusting Video of the Week: Doctor Finds Hundreds of Maggots in Patient’s Ear

WARNING: The above video might be considered disturbing by some readers. 

Why did I watch this?

It’s hard to say, honestly. I guess I like to squirm. Now, I can’t stop imagining these vile creatures wriggling around inside my ear canals. And now, I’m writing about it so you all can read it. What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with the human race?

Regardless, the above video shows a doctor in Faizabad, India removing hundreds of maggots from a patient’s ear canal. This not-too-rare condition, wherein fly larvae infest your nose or ears, is called aural myasis, and it can happen to you if you live in or just visit a tropical region.

The footage of Dr. Vikram Yadav treating aural myasis was uploaded to YouTube in May, but it’s only now making the standard internet rounds. Watch the ordeal above, if you dare.