If Disney Princesses Were Historically Accurate

We all know there’s a lot of rewriting when it comes to the Disney Princesses and those classic Disney animated films. No feet were cut off in Cinderella to fit the glass slipper, Ariel didn’t die brokenhearted in a mound of sea foam, and smallpox wasn’t a part of Pocahontas’ colors of the wind.

But that’s okay. We understand that. These are children’s movies, after all — fantasies — and as such we want a happy ending. But that doesn’t stop us from being curious about what the ladies would look like if Disney Princesses were historically accurate.

Enter Buzzfeed, which normally creates really funny videos about everything from why Disney Princes make terrible boyfriends, to what the voices of Disney villains look like in real life. This video, however, is much more educational, placing the characters in context and giving you an idea of what their wardrobe, hair style and more would look like. It’s actually quite fascinating to see the similarities and differences between the characters and what the Buzzfeed crew reveals. Check it out above.

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