How to Get Drunk with Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Parents can be a little bit happier at the “happiest place on earth” starting in November, when Disney’s Magic Kingdom at the Disney World theme park in Orlando, FL. The reason is simple: The company will start selling beer and wine on the menu for its new Be Our Guest restaurant.

The Beauty and the Beast-themed French cuisine restaurant will serve the drinks when it opens later this year, but with restrictions. Sales are only during dinnertime hours and patrons cannot take drinks out the door.

The option for alcohol is already available at other Disney locations, such as Disney California Adventure, but this marks the first time in the Magic Kingdom’s 41-year-long history. We’re sure it’s a welcome addition for parents hoping to catch a break after chasing their kids around the park all day.

Who do we have to thank for this new addition? Ourselves! Disney officials told the Orlando Sentinel that the decision was based on feedback from visitors who asked for the option of beer or wine at the park. We’ll drink to that.