Disturbing ‘Sunburn Tattoo’ Trend May Put People at Risk for Cancer

Now that the summer months are officially underway, most people are probably digging out the sunscreen to protect themselves from uneven and awkward tan lines. More importantly than appearances, the decision to cover-up also protects the skin from the harmful rays that can lead to dangerous skin cancer.

That’s why many people are shocked by the startling new trend of “sunburn tattoos.” It’s a process where people use stencils to strategically give themselves sunburns to create patterns on their skin.

It’s hard to tell how far this bizarre form of self-expression will really go—maybe it will be viral for a week, or maybe this trend is here to stay for the whole summer.

It seems that for now the Internet is torn—some people think it looks cool, while many are concerned that the excess exposure is a huge health risk.

After all, skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide, so it seems ill-advised to put yourself in unnecessary danger.

So take a look at the slideshow above to see what the new buzz is all about. Do you think it’s worth the risk?