DIY: A Halloween Pumpkin Cooler is the Coolest Thing Ever — Literally (VIDEO)

WARNING: There’s some very explicit language in the first video which is not suitable for all audiences.

Are you having a Halloween bash or attending one that is BYOB? Well then, you are going to want to watch these video tutorials on how to make the coolest pumpkin cooler ever. Not only will you be able to keep your beer cold all night, you can use the stuffing for delicious pumpkin pie or custard.

Get a huge pumpkin or several medium size ones (the one in the first video is 70 lbs!). Buy some dry ice (yes, that’s how you get that cool smokey affect). Last but not least, get a sharp knife ready and watch how it’s done.

Looking for a more traditional-looking cooler for your party, or don’t want to deal with dry ice? Try out this alternate pumpkin cooler design:

This is super-easy to make and it’ll be a fun centerpiece for any size party.

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