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DIY: How to Make Bracelets Out of Plastic Bottles

Looking for a fun quarantine project? Here’s one we hadn’t seen yet: How to make bracelets out of plastic bottles.

All you need is an empty plastic bottle — a water bottle is ideal, as long as the body of the bottle is thicker than the person’s wrist. Along with that, you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • nail polish
  • iron

Depending on the age of the people making these bracelets, there may be some parental supervision required. After all, you don’t want kids getting burned on the iron — or destroying it when by melting plastic onto the surface.

You could also use other types of craft paint, but nail polish gives the bracelet a glossy finish that makes it look funky and cool. Plus, most people have old nail polish lying around that they don’t want on their nails any longer, but that they like too much to toss out. Now you have a great way to use those old favorite shades, even if that funky color isn’t really in fashion for your nails.

Check out the video on how to make bracelets out of plastic bottles, and have some fun!

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