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DIY: How to Make Plastic String Out of an Old Water Bottle

DIY craft projects can be super fun, especially when you use an item that would normally be tossed in the trash. So when we came across this video on how to make plastic string from a plastic water bottle, we got super excited.

It comes from our friend Daniel Ehlers, who uses a regular old water bottle that you would either toss out or in the recycling. He shows us how to make about 15 – 20 meters of plastic string. All you need is a work surface you can screw into, an old-school pencil sharpener, a water bottle and some basic tools most of us have in the house.

But be careful! As Daniel warns on his YouTube page, that pencil sharpener razor blade is sharp and you can easily cut yourself.

At this point you may be wondering: Plastic string? what do you use that for?

Plastic string can be used for lots of fun braiding projects, but it’s also great to use in place of string if you really want something to be securely tied. From crafts to household cleaning, you never know what this durable stuff can be used for.

Check out the video and see how simple it is. And for more fun stuff from Daniel, follow him on Twitter.

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