Do These Images Prove That The Vladimir Putin Conspiracy Theories Are True?

As Russia prepares itself for World War 3, these images have sparked a range of conspiracy theories about Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The images appear to show the Russian President as a fully grown adult within the space of 95 years. Some claim Putin is immortal, others believe he’s a vampire, while most consider these images to be evidence for time travel.


The historical images show two identical looking young men back in 1920 and 1941, who appear to be the spitting image of Putin. The creepy thing is that with twenty years between the images, there is no way they could possibly be the same person, or could they?

Some diehard Putin fans actually believe the Russian leader is almighty and immortal, while many claim that he is the man who spawned the Dracula myth, Vlad the Impaler, himself. Could Putin really be hundreds or even thousands of years old?

But this isn’t the first time a conspiracy theory has been built around Putin. Some have gone as far as saying that the sitter for Leonard D Vinci’s Mona Lisa portrait is in fact Vladimir Putin. While others have taken it way back claiming that he is the male figure in Van Eyck’s The Marriage of Arnolfini painting.

Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube

As conspiracy theories go, this one is pretty crazy, but considering the image of an all powerful leader that Putin has built up for himself, it’s no wonder conspiracy theorists and Putin fans the world over are trying to keep these insane theories alive!

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