Doctor Scams Patients with Chemo Treatments, Could Face Life in Prison

In 2010, Robert Sobieray was diagnosed by his doctor, Dr. Farid Fata, with a rare blood cancer. Sobieray, from Michigan, underwent months of expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments in an attempt to save his life. After suffering through painful side effects from the treatments, Sobieray consulted another oncologist for a second opinion. It was only then he learned that he never had any cancer in the first place.

Dr. Fata apparently would use patients “as cash cows” by telling them they were ill and dying from diseases that they didn’t actually have.

Fata plead guilty to fraud last year, and could face a life sentence in prison for his crimes. Federal prosecutors are seeking a 175-year sentence, WFLA reported.

“In many ways, he’s worse than [Bernard] Madoff, in that he wreaked damage on not only his victims’ bank accounts, but their bodies,” prosecutors wrote in the sentencing request.

By administering unnecessary treatments through his seven eastern Michigan clinics, Dr. Fata admitted to making millions of dollars through his patients’ insurance companies.

According to prosecutors, 553 patients were given false diagnoses’ and administered unnecessary treatents.

Sobieray, now 62, lost his teeth from the multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation—treatments that he didn’t even need. He also developed an uncontrollable body twitch. Sadly he was just one of Fata’s many victims who were caused unnecessary health problems and costly treatments.

Another patient, Patty Hester, was told by Dr. Fata that she had a terminal disease and that she would die from cancer without iron infusions and other immunodeficiency drugs. Hester says she has since suffered hair loss, high-blood pressure, and emotional stress.

Hester said she gave away her belongings, and her husband became depressed because of her terminal diagnosis.