Doctors Begged Mom to Let Her Daughter Die in Order to Save Her Two Sons

Chloe Dunstan was only 28 weeks along with triplets when doctors informed her that something was wrong with her pregnancy. She was told that two of the babies—both boys— were healthy, but that the third, a girl, likely wasn’t going to make it. The girl was deprived of oxygen and was not getting enough nutrients in-utero. Her options were to deliver early, or let the girl die but carry the boys to term.

The Australian mother refused to sacrifice her daughter and opted for an early delivery of all three babies. Despite the risk an early delivery posed to the triplets, she knew she had to do it in order to give all three of her children the chance at life.

Chloe told news outlets about the gut-wrenching choice:

“I feel guilty for having the boys delivered when they were growing so well in the womb. But Pearl would have died if we didn’t deliver early, so I will never regret that. I do remember briefly considering the alternative of letting her go so her brothers could continue to grow strong and health and have the best start in life, but now that she’s here, my heart hurts at the thought of not having her in our lives.”

She delivered all three babies months ahead of their due date. The triplets, named Henry, Rufus and Pearl, had to remain in the hospital for eleven weeks before they were allowed to go home.

Triplets Survive Early Delivery

The boys each weight around three pounds, and Pearl was only one-and-a-half pounds. All three required multiple blood transfusions.

Pearl struggled the hardest, suffering from infection, pulmonary hemorrhaging, and suffering from brain bleeding.

She also has been diagnosed with a bone disease that will be treatable through medication, and had jaundice. She had to live on a ventilator for her first weeks in the world.

Chloe has shared her story, and the journey of her struggle to her more than 45,000 followers on Instagram.

Now, after months of worry and fear, the babies are growing well and improving every day.