Doctors Sew Man’s Hand Inside His Stomach & You’ll Be Glad They Did

Recently, some very bold doctors in Houston performed a rare medical procedure on 87-year-old Frank Reyes in an effort to save his badly burned hand and fingers.

Hand sewed in stomach

The injury to Reyes’s hand occurred in June when he fell while changing the tire on his trailer. The trailer’s jack slipped and his hand was pinned against a fender. The hot metal essentially cooked through Reyes’ hand, tendons and tissue. His hand became useless after that and he was close to losing his fingers.

Because the injury was so extensive skin grafts and flap of tissue from other parts of Reyes’s body didn’t take, so the doctors had to make a very important decision as to how to save their patient’s hand. The doctors had no choice left but to perform a rare and risky medical procedure: They sewed Reyes’ hand into his stomach.
Hand Sewn to Belly

Dr. Anthony Echo, a plastic surgeon at Houston Methodist explained how the baffling surgery works:

“The abdominal skin actually sticks to the hand” which means that new blood vessels form to connect them. Without this Reyes most “likely would have lost all of his fingers.”

This procedure has most often been used in trauma situations or on soldiers injured in battle.

Reyes is now recovering quite well. “As soon as I’m well enough to drive I want to take a little trip,” he told reporters.