Does This Weight Loss Perfume Really Work?

Can a simple spray-on perfume really help you lose weight? That’s the question people have been left asking after a “slimming” perfume called Prends Moi has hit the market. It may sound like the stuff of science-fiction—after all, aren’t we supposed to rely on diet, exercise and, if necessary, even a surgical procedure for proven weight loss?

A 39-year-old mother named Heidi Scrimgeour spoke with The Daily Mail about her experience trying out the product, despite her own personal doubts.

Apparently the product works by using “neurocosmetic” research. The fragrance is simply spritzed onto pulse points on the body, and the scent is meant to stop food cravings. Reportedly it induces the release of B-endorphins in the body to achieve this, which has the added benefit of lowering stress levels.

According to Scrimgeour, who tried the perfume for a week, although the fragrance wasn’t enough to help her resist every single temptation, it did help put her off a lot of snacking through the days.

Although she isn’t convinced that it was the biochemistry of the perfume that stopped her snacking, she said it helped as a reminder to stop and sniff the perfume instead of taking a bite of a treat.

If you’re curious to try it for yourself, you can find Prends Moi here.