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Does Your Computer Have a Secret Dirty Past?

I thought I knew everything about my computer. We’re like best buddies. Wherever I go, my laptop is there. It knows everything about me — my private thoughts, my social security number, the amount of time I waste watching videos on YouTube. I never thought my computer was capable of hiding secrets from me.
Then, one day, I found out I was dead wrong.
I’d noticed that my computer had been running slower than usual. Web pages weren’t loading properly. Processes that it used to perform quickly were now taking forever. I couldn’t figure out why, until I decided to take a look at my computer’s registry—the database where it stores all the files needed to run its operating system. That’s when I discovered that my computer’s shocking dirty past! There were hundreds of programs that I’d downloaded years ago that I thought I’d deleted. But here they were, taking up space and clogging up my computer.
It was like an episode of Hoarders, and my computer was the weirdo clinging to every last shred of information that I told it to throw away!
This got me wondering two things: 1. Why did this happen? 2. How to fix a slow computer?
As I learned the hard way, when you delete a program from your computer, that doesn’t necessarily remove all the files. Every time you (or your kids) load a program or game, new instructions are placed in your system’s registry. However, when you remove the program, these instructions usually remain on your PC.  So every time you run your computer, it tries to execute these instructions. Since the program can’t be found, your PC winds up doing a lot more work than needed, causing it to run slower than a 90-year-old rickshaw puller.
I thought I’d try deleting the files from my registry one by one, but there are a couple problems with this method: It takes forever, you can’t usually catch them all, and you run the risk of accidentally deleting something useful.
There are several great programs out there that easily remove these unwanted files. Visiting a site like CNET can help you find a reputable software download that will help. I was amazed at how well it worked. Not only was it easy to install, but it quickly scanned my registry and fixed all those errors, allowing my good ol’ computer to run like new! Best of all, the program constantly looks out for new errors, so your computer can’t hide secrets from you ever again.
So if your computer is running slowly, don’t throw it out! Grab a program to scan and repair it, and get ready to be surprised!

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